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Pilonidal sinusSupport Group is an India based website that offers advice, information and personal experiences for those suffering with pilonidal sinus / cyst. You can share your stories, ask questions and offer support to other sufferers. Living with pilonidal sinus is very hard and can sometimes be embarrassing and difficult to talk about. This website is an open forum and a source of information to make easier dealing with pilonidal sinus / cyst and to make the sufferer feel less alone with the problem.

We specifically want every pilonidal sinus patient to cure permanently. This blog is to share knowledge of all available treatments, especially the  herbal ‘Ksharsutra treatment’.

Please note that we do approve all comments on this website before they go live, to protect you all from spam etc. So your comment may not show up immediately.

Dr. Prasad Bapat & Mrs.Vaidehi Bapat are always working for giving fast relief to patients by AYURVADIC concepts & medicines . We believe in quality & patient’s satisfaction. Our 15 years research has simplified complex modern surgery of fistula to non surgical procedure.

You can get more information about us on www.omayurvedicclinic.com

  1. Bhagyashree patil

    Fistula cure without surgery

    Hi! this is Bhagyashree.
    I was diagnosed with Abscess in my perianal region,in nov 2016,and that pain was intolerable so my surgeon immediately operated it and drained out pus.And operation left me wid 3-4 inch deep wound.But after 15 days dat wound was completely filled and I thought I got permanent relief from dat shit..

    But..it didnt happened and again aftr 2-3 months liquid discharge started from 1 end of that healed wound.I thought I can heal that using home remedies like turmeric+olive oil etc.And left untreated it 6 months.As days passed liquid discharge also increased so again I went to my surgeon and again was diagnosed with deathly disease Fistula and had Fistulogram(MRI)
    which reported 7 cm long fistulous track from my left butt straight(6’o clock position) into anal canal and it raised branch into right butt,so he again told me to get operated and operation will nt guaranty recurrence,which means it will b recurring again n again after each operation and that too lifelong.so I got scared and began searching other options for treatment.

    One day,by the grace of god I visited Dr Bapats website,and immediately took appointment next week.After checkup he told that this can be treated through Ksharsutra treatment without operation,antibiotics and hospital stay.
    In this treatment a medicated thread is passed through d fistula.This thread is replaced every week,as d fistula continues to heal.As inner track is healed,the thread is removed and a small open wound is packed untill its completely healed.

    For 2 months,each week I visited clinic for threading.I was injected with local anesthetic for each thread change,even aftr injections it was very painful.

    But finally thread is removed and wounds are healing progressively.

    So this is my experience with this.And i m writing this becoz I don want any fistula patient to tolerate this deathly pain and get healed through this ksharsutra treatment in pune at dr bapats clinic.

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