Surgical Treatments

Pilonidal sinus treatment is a challenge for modern medical science. Antibiotics & advance surgeries can not assure the removal of pilonidal sinus & infection. Antibiotics do not heal a pilonidal cyst.  So there are many techniques developed to operate pilonidal sinus. The basic concept of all procedures is incision and drainage. This is supported by antibiotic & anesthetic drugs.

Conseravtive Treatment :

If you are not experiencing severe pain and there is no sign of inflammation, you allopathic doctor will usually prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic (effective in treating a wide range of different bacteria). If this treatment resolves the problem, your doctor will recommend regular hair removal (shaving) of the site and particular attention to hygiene.

Lancing :

Under local anesthesia the abcess is cut opened and hair, blood, pus are removed to clean the cyst.
The wound is allowed to heal from the inside out. The wound usually heals within four weeks, and many patients will require no further treatment.

Phenol Injection :

Under local anesthesia phenol (a chemical compound used as an antiseptic) is injected into the cyst. This procedure may need to be repeated several times. Eventually, this treatment will cause the lesion to harden and close.

The recurrence rate after phenol injection is high. Therefore, it is becoming less common and is gradually being replaced by surgery.

Surgery :

If you have a recurring pilonidal sinus or multiple sinus tracts, your doctor will recommend a surgical procedure. Here the infected part will be cut and removed. the surgeon will stitch the wounds closed.

After surgery, your doctor will explain how to change the dressings and will recommend shaving the site to prevent hairs from growing into the wound

There is huge failure rate for this type of surgeries. The procedure & drugs can’t assure complete cure as they can remove only infection but not root cause.

Z-plasty Surgery :

This technique is used in clouser of wound after pilonidal sinus removal. This may reduce chances of recurrence.

Plastic surgery technique :

In some cases, where the sinus recurs or is extensive, plastic surgery may be advised to remove the sinus and refashion the nearby skin.

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